5 Reasons To Hire a Doula

Whether you’re newly pregnant or are already in your second or third trimester, you may have heard about what a doula is and may be wondering what all the fuss is about hiring a doula and if you should hire a doula for your own birth.  

A doula is a support person hired to provide physical, emotional and information support before, during and after birth. With that definition and from personal experience, my answer to whether or not you should hire a doula, is a resounding YES! And here’s why:

Top Reasons Why You SHould Hire a Doula:

1 - A wealth of information.  In contrast to midwives and doctors, doulas are trained to specialize in non-medical care for expectant mamas and families.  Doulas are certified with a large scope of education about pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Have you thought about how long you want to labor at home? What kind of pain medication you are okay with, if any? Do you have a birth plan?

All of these questions, and more, are things your doula can help you answer and give you lots of information to help you decide on what you want.  Most of all, your doula will help educate you in a non-judgemental and informative matter.

2 - On Call Support.  Throughout your pregnancy, you may experience a wide range of symptoms and we all know that Dr. Google is usually neither reliable or encouraging when it comes to late night queries.  Depending on the kind of provider you choose for your delivery may affect how available they are.When you hire a doula, even if it’s in the beginning of your pregnancy, that means she is available to speak to when you may have concerns or symptoms that come up when you can’t reach your primary care person.  The real on-call nature of your doula’s service will come in handy at the end of your pregnancy when they can join you at any point during labor to help check in with you on your progress and support you as much as needed before your midwife arrives (if giving birth at home) or before going to the hospital.

3 - Takes the pressure off of Dad.  As much as your spouse will want to support and be there for you, birth has been a process that takes place in the hands of women since time immemorial and although men, especially our husbands are a huge asset to have on hand when we are in labor and we want them to be there for us, sometimes they are limited in their ability to understand our needs, or they might, as some point during your labor become tapped out physically and emotionally.  There really is no saying how you or your husband will react emotionally to you being in labor and it’s so vital to have someone on hand who is a steady support person and can give Dad a break, if needed.  

4. Unbiased Support - There are so many methodologies and decisions to make regarding the way you labor and birth your baby and sometimes the amount of information can be truly overwhelming for an expecting mom and dad.  Having a doula there to answer your questions and support your gut desires, free of judgement and bias, is so amazing. Finding a doula that will support your desire to birth the way YOU want can make your labor and delivery experience so positive!  

There was a study done by Cochrane in 2017, proving the positive outcome mothers experience when having a dedicated support person during labor. Some benefits include women being more likely to go into birth on their own (without induction), be less likely to give birth via caesarean or with a vacuum or forceps, less likely to use pain medications, have more satisfying outcomes for their births, and even have shorter labors.

5. Birth Buffer.  This is an easily overlookd benefit of hiring a doula, but some time during your labor, you may not have the emotional strength to have certain people stay or leave your environment.  Your doula can be that person who does the talking for you, if you want her to. Invited your mother-in-law in the room, but feeling like now you just want you and your husband? No worries, let you doula help her out of the room to give you the space you need to do your best.

Doulas are trained to know the most effective ways of helping you birth your baby and can help you learn your body’s signals, needs and the way YOU want to, with both physical, emotional and mental support throughout the process.

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